NewBuild Plan™ reduces the financial risks involved in building a new home

Building your own home can be one of the most satisfying of life’s experiences … when it all goes well. So getting it right is important.

Before you start building – do your homework. A clear understanding of the processes including the expectations of your builder and lender will help you make the right decisions. This knowledge will save you time and money — reducing, if not eliminating, frustration and concern.

Why NewBuild Plan™

The stress of building can be minimised by choosing a lender that specialises in building finance. NewBuild Plan™ acts as your ‘building finance project managers’. We work for you throughout the entire process from arranging your loan approval to the technical and day to-day financial management issues. Your home-building experience will be much more fun — and the financial risks will be reduced!

image1Doing your Homework

Make sure you have chosen the right builder for the job — every builder approaches projects in different ways and there will be many decisions to be made throughout the entire process. Consider the options: ‘Labour only’ contracts make budgeting almost impossible, ‘fixed price’ contracts predetermine the total cost, and most common is the partially fixed price’ contracts that may exclude items such as floor coverings, driveways, landscaping or fencing. NewBuild™ will work with you to ensure you have sufficient funds to complete your home.

Avoiding the Pitfalls

Frequently, homeowners do run short of funds during construction. This happens for various reasons: unforeseen cost overruns above the contract price, or simply the underestimation of additional fees and costs including architects, lawyers, permits, floor coverings, landscaping, fencing, driveways and paths…and the list goes on. NewBuild Plan™ ensures all these costs are considered before you start building!

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