Len Oughton Mortgage Services

Using a Financial Adviser for home loans is now a popular choice amongst homebuyers. Where once you had a relationship with your bank manager and could negotiate a loan, this service is rarely offered by banks today.

However, the need for good information to make the right choices remains even more important. Visiting your bank is like going to a fine restaurant but being only offered the starter menu. Visiting an experienced Financial Adviser will help you with a full menu of options – and those options are many. There are more products than ever before and not all of these are equal, with terms, conditions and pricing quite different amongst lenders.

In most instances obtaining your residential home loan costs no more than going to a bank directly, and in most cases there is no cost to you. Most applications for commercial loans will incur a fee, but this is often no more than what you would pay going directly to a lender.

For great service, product advice and competitive pricing, now and in the future, you should contact Len Oughton Mortgage Services first.

Len Oughton Mortgage Services provides mortgage advice to many clients within New Zealand and overseas which has resulted in loan approvals in excess of $500 million. Len Oughton has 30 years of banking and lending experience to draw upon. Len likes to look outside the square when finalising the best loan proposal to meet your individual requirements.

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